“Empowering you to align, transform & balance the body, soul and mind. so you may thrive in all areas of your life.” – KaiLani

Experience the energy you can have & what you can accomplish, when your Body, Soul & Mind, are aligned, balanced & harmonized.

Learn to make the most of the soul’s chosen vehicle (your body is not your enemy) and this multi-sensory Life on Earth. Access & embody your purest potential, nourishing yourSelf, from your own Soul Level fulfillment & fountain of youth. Learn simple tools & practices to nurture, nourish, & enJOY your highest mental, physical, emotional & spiritual well-being To bring your best forth in all that you do.

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Whole Life Alignment Facilitator Mentorship

Are you a health conscious, energetically sensitive person aka empath, &/or health practitioner, ready to reduce your visits to, & reliance upon Doctors, Chiropractors &/or other Health Practitioners & enjoy sustainable lasting results? Might you like to take control of your anxiety, undesirable physical, mental & emotional symptoms, & be nurtured in establishing sustainable new healthy habits for yourself, family & clients, to access all you are capable of?

Whole Life Alignment is THE most effective, comprehensive modality/way of living (combining 17 Natural health modalities) that will empower you to embody your optimum holistic health, aligning body, mind & soul for your most vital, fulfilling life & radiant self!

We are accepting 12 health conscious individuals who have 40 minutes/week to dedicate to learning in this Part 1 Life-Transforming, Whole Life Alignment Facilitator Certificate Training Mentorship Program.

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It brought a necessary rebirth, and everything that has come after has been the beginning of a new journey. It helped to redefine things that I previously thought I had understood; things like how my body, mind & spirit connection actually works, and the value of true forgiveness and unconditional love.
Becky Carlson
I am sincerely grateful for you. I left your home feeling love and that I am ready to fully accept and give love freely. I can tell you without a doubt that was very prominent and at the forefront for me amongst so much else!
Crystal B.
The Facilitation course provided way more helpful information to use everyday, than I could have expected, & is valuable well above the price point. Thank you for the most enjoyable learning experience. Your knowledge, wisdom, & passion are incredible. I’m excited to put it all to use!

Free Meditation For Optimal Health

Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions DNA Activation Meditation as Introduction to Whole Life Alignment, for accessing & embodying your Optimum Health, Purest Potential & Highest evolution. Whole Life Alignment Course helps you effectively & efficiently remember how.beautiful & humbling, joy-filled & devastating feeling human experience true divine self love, most vital Life pursuits for our ultimate fulfillment.

Align. Transform. Balance. Thrive.
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