We must learn to live fully connected to ALL that is, to enjoy operating from the highest perspective, embodying unconditional love and compassion, to thrive in our highest potential.

About KaiLani(Kiwehtinook Iskwew)

is the Creator & Co-Facilitator of Empowered Earth Wellness Solutions & Conscious Community Renewal Connection.
Based out of the Hat of The Medicine, She has a Passionate Soul Level Mission of Nurturing, Nourishing & Empowering body, mind & soul for the Purest Potential & highest evolution of All Life on Earth.

I am a multi-faceted, Loving local Mom of 3, who’s dedicated my Life to nourishing, nurturing & empowering humanity to transform & align with our innate healing, optimum health, well-BEing, purest potential & highest evolution for all.

I Love Dancing on the cutting edge of humanity’s highest evolution, nurturing optimum embodiment of the body, mind, heart & soul’s highest truth & fulfillment.

Having invested in learning 17 recognized Holistic Health Modalities & practices, to overcome & eliminate my own chronic diagnosis’, staring in early adulthood, I am a multi-disciplinary student of Life, mentor, dancer, perception-shifter & truth teller.
I believe that ANYONE can learn to decrease their mental, emotional & spiritual discomfort & dis-ease, for themselves & access their own fountain of youth, & it’s with great passion that I teach the tools & practices to that help people access that, healing & transforming themselves!

I’m connecting with Soul Family, building an Empowered Earth Wellness Team, to make this knowledge & satisfying lifestyle accessible for anyone with a desire to do what it takes, to access their own fullest potential, for the improvement of our Families, Institutions, Communities & the world.

All offerings are Experienced in a relaxed, enjoyable environment focussed around honouring & nourishing your Whole, authentic, multi-sensory self.

I am passionate about sharing tools & practices, inspiring & empowering people in classes, to utilize their most profound ah-ha moments, to integrate & create lasting improvements in their lives, right away.

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