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Project Description

Whole Life Alignment Workshops

Empowering YOU to access & maintain optimum physical, mental & emotional well-Being, for yourself, your family &/or clients, in a fun, relaxed environment.

Monthly workshops are suitable for all ages & education levels, & are $80. Payment plans available, & spouses are encouraged to attend, free of charge. Weekend intensive Workshops & Limited Personalized sessions are also available.

Body Alignment Kits to maintain adjustments at home, available for purchase for an additional $80/kit. 30 modules in total.  Space is limited.

To secure your spot register below or contact KaiLani directly for more info at KaiLani@EmpoweredEarthWellness.com or 403-504-6102.

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Real People, Real Results:

“Some of the great results I have been experiencing: my lower back has hurt for 12 years, since my car accident, & now I have very little to no pain. I never thought my back would ever feel like this again, as I had tried every treatment I could find. It’s amazing to wake up in the morning & actually be able to bend over to put clothes & socks on. It used to take several hours to be able to do that freely, & I would still have pain. I definitely feel lighter in every way, & it’s easier for me to wipe the stresses of the day away, once they’re done & to deal with them, while they are going on. So I thank you again, & will be referring everyone I can.”

~39 yr old mom, Journeyman welder & small business owner

“KaiLani’s work & guidance has inspired & helped me to transform my life. After 10 months of using the practical tools, I am healthier, happier & more productive in all areas of Life, than I had ever imagined I could be. I look, feel & live like a new man, & know the benefits of consistently using these tips & tools, everyday. I will be referring & sharing everything you have helped me with, to everyone I can.”

~41 year old Construction Foreman & Co-parent of 4

“KaiLani’s treatments brought me closer to true self, & has allowed me to see myself & my life through a new lense of clarity. Her teachings helped me to redefine things that I previously thought I had understood: like how my body, mind, & spirit connection actually works & the value of true forgiveness & unconditional love. I think this is the truest form of healing, & I can’t thank KaiLani enough, for introducing me to this wisdom, & for helping me every step of the way, through this beautiful journey that this combination of healing has brought”.

~24 year old Health Practitioner

“I absolutely loved my sessions with KaiLani. I felt warm, welcome & safe during our time together, & really feel like her many modalities & experience come together to give me a highly personalized & totally all-inclusive healing session. I leave feeling rested & restored,, and am very pleased with the lasting changes in my body & mind. My chronic neck pain is gone, & my thyroid has stayed balanced & stable, since utilizing her treatments this last year, for the first time, after 6 years of fluctuations..”

~40 year old Journeyman scaffolder & Body Talk Practitioner